Friday, February 22, 2008

243 : 12/9/98 : Virtue Is Its Own Reward

No good deed goes unpunished
virtue is its own reward
I am not afraid anymore
In a world like this I’ll never get bored
I woke up with a taste in my mouth like rum
I remembered the feeling that I had
When my little boat was sucked into the maelstrom
I remember well it was very bad
And someday I’m going to die
I hope it’s not in some dismal hospital bed
But I guess what difference does it make
It’s all the same place when you’re dead
I guess it all comes down to a sense of style
A day is the longest thing there is
And a year is a long roll along a miracle mile
I guess the whole crazy world is part of the biz
I have become so very silent
I think I’ll practice being asleep
I guess I ought to consider my options
I’ve got a caution about the company I keep
You think one more line is gonna fix anything
You think you can prop it up another day
You think the same old lines are gonna set you reeling
I tell you a man ain’t nothing but clay

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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