Tuesday, March 25, 2008

260 : 12/26/98 : The Evil Men Do

Do do do-wah, here’s a pretty ditty ooh
About the evil things the evil men do
Bop shoowop, sha la la my friend
Here’s a little song about their final dividend
Bop bopaloowop I see a crimson flood
I see the violated outlines pressed into the mud
Shanana I see the children torn from innocence
To me the evil that men do makes so so little sense
A ring a ling and a gun against the forehead
Duct tape across the mouth and beaten till you’re dead
Tra la la tortured in basements buried in the yard
The evil few the things they do down any boulevard
Well hey nonny nonny I’m prone to the opinion
That there’s a special place in hell reserved for every minion
Ah diddy wah it warms my heart to imagine
That eternal punishment in Lucifer’s dominion
But ah boom boom boom does that make me evil too
And should I turn my other cheek to the evil that men do
Am I wallah wallah bing bang expected to forgive
I confess I long to see their twisted souls wash through the sieve
Heigh ho, heigh ho to this hard truth I’ll hold
that the evil things they do must return a thousandfold

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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