Wednesday, March 26, 2008

261 : 12/27/98 : Shit from Shinola

Maybe I don't know shit from Shinola
Maybe I'm a lunatic with a desperate plan
All I know is you can't let the bastards control ya
Ya gotta live your life to be a man
Maybe I'm a master of deception
But you can see exactly where I'm coming from
Baby ain't you heard it's gonna screw with the reception
On your teevee when the commies drop the bomb
Ain't it just teejus when you get up every morning
And slide your magic card through every slot
Somewhere in Venice the flower of your labor is adorning
The summer home of the rich motherfucker who's stealing what you got
And it's a hard truth but the reasoning is sound
That the man with the pistol's got your poor ass cold
I never have to keep my ear to the ground
I've got my own thing to unfold
I don't have to deal in shit no more I'm through
With lining up to hold out my tin cup
Lean in close baby I'll whisper it to you
my secret plan was never giving up

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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