Tuesday, August 19, 2008

328 : 3/4/99 : Step Out On the Water

You’re walking on the water you’re walking in the moonlight
You’re telling me the storm will calm and everything will be all right
I don’t know I believe you don’t know that I believe my eyes
This boat is tossing crazy I try to speak but words fail me
I see you gesturing to me and fear and doubt assail me
out in the middle of the sea under stormy skies
You’re asking an awful lot of some poor fisher’s son
Who never guessed he’d see a new thing underneath the sun
What will support me if I step out of the boat
I never heard a soul who moved me like I do
You’re walking on the water but that’s not me it’s you
I try to call out but the words stick in my throat
I step out on the water my mind is fixed completely
on you standing out there and your voice is saying sweetly
Peter come across the water all the old rules are changed now
I’m stepping and not thinking of the cold depth below
I feel the fear returning but I’ve got to got to show
My faith in you is strong enough to wipe the fear from my brow
In a moment the storm again began to rise
I looked to see you bu the fear blinded my eyes
A wave rose and I was suddenly part of the sea
And in a moment when I knew I couldn’t survive
I knew that you were really him I knew I was alive
That’s when I felt your hand take hold of me

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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