Thursday, August 21, 2008

330 : 3/6/99 : In the Cathedral

In the trees where none have been
for a thousand years
There are a few places
Left like that on earth
I walk in sunset as
Shadows throw down cathedrals among the fallen leaves
Seeing the halls of the titans
Seeing the forest for the trees
In the cathedral the bell tolls
for me I always knew it would one day
I hear my dreams breaking on the shore of waking
we walk in that forest but we never get to stay
And every dream of yesterday is cast in bitter bronze
The maker’s on vacation so we get by as best as we can do
And if you think your solitary journey is the only one
All the lemmings launched from the same cliff that you ran to
In the forest dark in dreams we might
find something to lead us up out of the dark
we dare not go we fear to tread
where even angels have not left a mark
Either my treasure’s stored up there
or I have left it far behind
Either I’m on my way inside
Or I’ve completely lost my mind
In the cathedral will I find
The answer to lead me out into the light
will I find the maker’s mark
A sigil to guide me up out of the night

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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