Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Interim : Battles and Bands 12 : The Storm

...The storm is Here

Mighty tornado
Raw twisting power
Who is responsible
for it’s calling, I
I called this storm up
brought down its fury
by living a life
That was a hidden lie
My time is up now
my debts are due now
I stand convicted
I stand alone in the eye

surrounded all about
by fearsome raging
winds that reach out and
grasp at my sanity
I cannot hold out
against this onslaught
I can’t withstand this
Towering potency
The walls are closing
in for the last time
I feel them tearing
what will become of me?

My God, my God what will become of me?
My God, my God what will become of me?
I call to God what has become of me?
Rip off the masks, rip off the masks
And set me free...

I hear a roaring
inside and outside
of my head as the
storm rips the masks from my face
They fly to pieces
scattered like ashes
storm bares my soul with
Ever increasing pace
And I stand naked
stripped of my armor
Storm has uncovered
my final hiding place

Nothing protects me
No walls left standing
Nothing is left now
Between the storm and me
The final mask is
Losing its purchase
My last defense gone
here now my end must be
The wind takes the mask
Rips it to splinters
The pieces fly away...

I am Free
I am Free
I am Free
Never again to have the masks say who I’ll be
The masks are gone for good
The storm has set me free
There’ll be no such thing as impossibility
The masks are ripped away
Look at what I am-
See me
See me
See me

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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