Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Interim : Battles and Bands 15 : The Hourglass Reigned

The hourglass reigned until its sand had
beat him halfway dead
said let the chips fall where they may
They all fell on his head
And tho he walked in ways of plays he’d seen
And books he’d read
The piper scorned payment in blood
And stole his time instead

She came to him like Christ, at the
beginning and the end
And when she left him, that was when
his mind began to bend
Around the words she’d spoken
when his lie he’d tried to lend
Your blood, my love, won’t buy me
it is time you have to spend

And for a while like fools and poets will
he spoke in rhyme
And said each day this search for truth
strikes me as less sublime
And tho to hilltop hermitages
he did bravely climb
The masters had no answers but
to give the matter time

His fingers moved like fire across
the fretboard of the dawn
He realized that all the dreams
he’d once had now were gone
And saw that when he’d lost himself
To chase a siren’s song
He had somehow forgotten
what he’d waited for so long

Twas not that he’d been crucified
that made him feel so lost
But that he knew that it was he
who’d built that wormwood cross
The rusted spikes that held his wrists
were rimed with blood and frost
He’d never even guess at
just how much his time would cost

Forty days and forty nights
he ran away from strife
And then stopped dead and balanced
on the thin edge of a knife
The God of war had taken Aphrodite
as his wife
And in the shadow of their wings
he wasted half his life

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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