Saturday, January 07, 2012

2.249 : 1/7/06 : No More Shortcuts

No more shortcuts; they always take longer anyway
look at all the months it took to catch up with today
now wear your determined face and say never again
nor more failure no more lapses no more falling no more pain
But most of all no more shortcuts to the prize
If only I could stop them dancing right before my eyes
Sugar plums of pocket monstrosities or maybe
the album the t-shirt the novel ain’t it all so cliché baby
money money money the short cut uber alles
why we play the lottery pray the label will call us
I hate hate writing about writing
I hate talking ‘bout the industry
I don’t know the first thing about it
I should be happy that I’m free
I should be doing something constructive
Poison moment fills me with invective
nothing working out this morning
I think I got a dream side warning
but I ignored it as usual then guess what
went crashing down another shortcut

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