Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2.259 : 1/17/06 : Sketch of a Second

What goes in the middle
after the first flush expires
do you try to blow it up again
or bank your waning fires
do you hold out hoping for more juice
or conflagrate once more cut loose
the moorings and the anchor lines
mix metaphors in steadily increasing lines
what’s the formula
Greek and Persian fires
how do you transnavigate
the doldrums when the first flush expires
trying to sketch out
where it could go
Sketch of a second verse
It’s not perfect but even so
In the real thing I’ll put a ring
a wizard and a girl
All set up in a garden
and I’ll give the thing a whirl
and when you hear it you’ll remember why
the last was about how it was okay to die

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