Wednesday, January 04, 2012


For the most part looking at the artists stats on my Bandcamp account isn't very, ah, encouraging. Not a lot of traffic. Not that I'm expecting or actively courting much but still, human nature, you know. Despite myself I'd like an audience, I guess. I just saw an old (early 90s) thing from public television about Bill Holm in which he talked about deciding that as a writer he wanted an audience and since he was in America he consequently started writing prose because Americans didn't really read poetry. Hmmm.

Anyway. My favorite thing on the stats are the referrals, when someone surfs into it, however briefly, from somewhere unexpected. So it was very exciting to see today that somebody had stumbled into some of my 90s-era experimental sample wack-ness by following results (upper middish on the second page) from their attempt to search google for "another term for the middle of nowhere". Hope that helped, random searcher! Heh.

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