Saturday, February 25, 2012

2.298 : 2/25/06 : Long Goodbye to the Secret World: An incantation in 3 Parts Part 3: Goodbye

I gotta meditate unmediated for a while
consider every line so carefully
for form and style
To drive one nail home
this ain’t about kingdom come:
goodbye my old friend
So many days and nights
a promise to set all to rights
a promise of a year oh years
and years ago
I know that when I reach that height
I’ll see the promised land in sight
and push on through the sweet
good night
past all the vales of all the tears
those veils will be torn as well;
in the end it’s true
Nothing ever can be taken from you
So if you happen back someday
to wonder at the mark
remember instead this glimpse
of the eternal spark

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