Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2.287 : 2/14/06 : Moment

2,477 : 16 ?

I’ve been waiting for this very moment to come
to finally see myself complete naked and dumb
the end of illusion and artifice
and if you ask me what now there’s just this
instead of recreation and a real good time
we succumbed to distraction and the anodyne
and when the tortoise predictably caught up
I played the only card I had left and got up
grab the bootstraps give a mighty pull
discover real life ain’t no parable
sore arms and wrenched back for your trouble
find a better sticking point and heave back double
and I just keep seek seek seeking an edge
sometimes a gimmick mostly just leverage
there’s still a fair distance between me and the pit
I’ve still a faint and lovely dream
of leaping over it

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