Saturday, September 01, 2012

2.486 : 9/1/06 : The Future of 3 Part 1

From a flashpoint of sudden sullen anger
checked the spark he saw the danger
from that moment all evolved
first thought: best thought: problem solved

This is the piece for you my love
this is the innovation
this is the resolution of a better way
this is the visionary revelation

It sounded better on paper true
but the sincerity ran through and through
the deal was sealed with sweetness and a smile
Watch this space don’t touch that dial

All I ever wanted was to have a place
Never gave much thought to getting rich
Or saving face
All I really needed was to give Caesar’s Due
So I could get back to reality, me, he, you

The future of three in this moment
Awakening the dynamo that long was dormant
Simply was awaiting the final piece
puzzle no more now I shall be released

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