Tuesday, September 04, 2012

2.489 : 9/4/06 : Hope Does Not Lie in the Future

There’s no there, there
eternally we ride the second hand
not one beat ahead of the game
and one beat behind
is pure fantasy land
hope does not live in the future
it is all and only here and now
You’ll find your hope or not as you will
Son of lepton daughter of Tao
Faith is an action
it’s not a state of mind
stepping out to the unknown
unpreconceived as to what you will find
what’s true has got nothing to do
with what’s inside my head
Faith’s my declaration of that
milksop crumb of daily bread
Love me baby do not listen to the bell
that tolls for me for you for him
I’ve damned that bad noise
Straight to hell
love is the greatest love is the greatest
lotus in the muddy pool
Hope does not live in the future
And for the present I’m faith’s fool

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