Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2.496 : 9/11/06 : Every Soul

I have no favorites I have no days
I have no paradigm to shift
Every soul commends itself to me
Every planet I strive to lift
Every day that passes by
another hundred fifty thousand die
And it seems insane to ask why
I’ve got no point I’ve got no politics
the timing is coincidental
I say a prayer for every soul
and try to keep from going mental
It’s really not a game to me
I try to learn I try to see
fortune so cruel and fate so free
I don’t want to lose me or mine
I’m scared of it as the next one
clear it matters, every last soul
germ or weather car or gun
I try to wrap my head around
though all must end up in the ground
so much harder than I make it sound

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