Friday, May 03, 2013

2.730 : 5/3/07 : Me and my Little Brain

Me and my little brain will
decode the spaceship signal
and I will be the big hero
that sets the doomsday clock to zero
me and my little brain
will figure out the roulette system
the goodfellas will come for me
the pitboss says you just missed him
I’ll know when to stop just when
my welcome’s turning stale
I’ll roll up my last big score
and before you know my ship will sail
we’ll cure cancer square the circle
world peace and free lunch our work will
shine and just change everything
the bright delight my little brain will bring
Me and my little brain will
build the last cathedral
I’ll sit upon an iron chair
if nothing else it won’t be dull
We’ll bring about the new age
End death end war end pain
Or so it seems imagining
inside my little, little brain

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