Friday, May 17, 2013

2.744 : 5/17/07 : Leave It To the Prophets

Leave it to the prophets to
interpret God’s will
Leave it to me to fail to
Forget about the bitter pill
leave it to the newsmen
to tell who where what and when
Another May’s more than halfway
and my time’s come to begin again
Leave me alone and
don’t disrupt my inner boil
downside and upside
nothing comes without the alchemy of toil
I am a diplomat a psychonaut
I’m brimming with deceit
but who gets fooled and sees through
I guess you’ll have to wait
with this accursed stone
I’ll raise a tower of pain
I’ll never whisper how
I wove it from a sad refrain
the dreams run rampant
full of fearful pride and light
you better mind your shit
‘Cause I’ve not yet begun to fight

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