Thursday, May 09, 2013

2.736 : 5/9/07 : Virtual Pet

I bet I’m a virtual pet
to some fucking alien
I bet they’re slamming in quarters
hope the points are sailing in
I hope I’m entertaining
hope they got their money’s worth
so they keep on diverting
asteroids from hitting earth
hey fucker don’t forget to feed me
don’t fuck with my kid
ha ha asshole what you
gonna do about it if I did
I bet you wish you’d rolled me
different picked another class
be patient cause my next trick’s
Gonna knock you on your ass
When it flashes Game Over
Nobody gonna hit reset
but you’ll think about
our game sometime I bet
And as for that poor fucker
I’m replaced by
Make that fucker suffer
give a polish to that amber
I’m encased by

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