Thursday, June 06, 2013

2.763 : 6/5/07 : Dust Bunnies

The dust bunnies gathered
in the corners for a hop
Under beds and in the closet corners
hiding from the mop
no matter how they got swept up
they always reappear
hopping back into their places
when they see the coast is clear
Once there was a boy
who didn’t clean his room for so long
the dust bunnies decided
they would write that boy a song
they gathered in his room
first a dozen then a hundred
and they started with the chorus
“that’s the proper thing” so one said
they sang doolie oolie oolie
dollie doxen dillie day
because when they’re feeling social
that’s what all the bunnies say
and they hopped and danced
and scampered
in that little fellow’s room
living out their happy frolic
until Mommy came with the broom

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