Friday, June 21, 2013

2.779 : 6/21/07: Summer of Love

Never will I stand on mediocrity
No matter that perfection’s lash cuts into me
No matter how these moments never ever come back
Or how I must stand to attack after attack
So if the shoe fits despite its lack of style
So what if I sacrifice the gift of guile
I’ll hold out for the shroud that fits like a glove
and declare today anyway my own Summer of Love
Nothing’s left of the old days but stories now
sorry, stories aren’t enough to tow my gospel plow
the day that I was born the crest was well receded
no matter how the hippie holdouts begged and pleaded
and I do not believe these days will come again
illusions that society’s not marked with sin
yet my summer is not simply some eternal trip
and there’s not a million tickets left for this ship
peace threatens peace beckons peace passes understanding
Open your eyes and see what I’m handing
you to hold a moment and pass along
not a riddle not a movement it’s just a song
So I will spool it out no matter what I suffer
I stand up to your acid tongue for my heart is a buffer
I stand until below is as above
in the shining apex of my Summer of Love

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