Sunday, June 23, 2013

2.781 : 6/23/07 : The Fuse

There’s so much anger over
nothing every day
there’s so much more important
so much foolish in the way
Oh the time that swiftly passes
oh and how we choose to use
Who decides what sets us off
who is it who lights the fuse
we all think our anger’s righteous
different from the rest
we all look the same from above
failing the same test
the fuse is trimmed a little shorter
every year it seems
blame the weather blame our parents
blame our sullen failing dreams
I am standing up against
this trend of ire and rage
I am standing firm and free
I’m turning my own page
and when the call to join the hate
comes I will just refuse
my cup is running over
and I’m pouring it
down on the fuse

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