Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2.1442 : 4/14/09 : Chain

3,362 : 11 ?

If I don’t break this chain
I fear this train will run me over
while I’m bending down trying to
pluck myself a four leaf clover
but what the hell at this late date
have I tried all or nothing
This wreck I hate this
dumb state and always always rushing
I started building links before
my voice had changed
and when I hit the ivory tower
delivery had been arranged
and I made sure each job I took
gave me the time to forge a few
each day and now the chain
lies thick and knotted between me and you
And I can say any bold words
I don’t have faith in proclamations
And if you don’t know where to run
you can’t expect your destinations
It’s nice to be forthright and cheerful
good to stalwartly face pain
but how much does it matter
nothing seems to break the chain

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