Tuesday, July 08, 2008

316 : 2/20/99 : Spidergod

1,165 : 2 ?

Walking without shadow in the chamber of night
Everything is bathed in an unearthly light
Keep your eyes open don't let your head nod
Not in the chamber of the Spider God
Took a strange turn on our ephemeral path
Followed the wrong scent here's your aftermath
They say the descent must follow the fall
And the Spider God crouches at the center of it all
All radii lead to the hub of the lair
Escape is not a concept they believe in there
While your sinister doppelganger steps from its pod
Consider your audience with the Spider God
Eyes fixed forward footsteps light
Are you in for revelation or up to the fight
No strangers to wisdom we walk well aware
Of the paradox perils of the Spider God's lair
Were our turns all right and all wrong
No answers as usual found in the song
And all the questions of the past seem nonsense
When the Spider God grants you audience

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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