Monday, July 21, 2008

325 : 3/1/99 : Fleeing Ninevah

I looked through the magic picture frame
Into a world that’s lost its groove
I gotta fear; I know its name
Things are gonna get worse before they improve
And no matter how I blink and shake my head it’s the same game
When the shit rain come you got no choice but to move

I looked into my inner being
My other brain was cowering in fright
I looked but I didn’t know what I was seeing
If I could just look at it in better light
Am I in my path or am I fleeing
Ninevah just like any other sinner might

I looked to the psalms and saw
that King David felt forgotten too
Hung up between destiny and law
I don’t know where my trust has gotten to
And the hard truth of this moment jams my craw
Got no choice but to play what’s dealt, the rotten truth

Go ahead and send a whale to get me
I need some peace and quiet anyway
Deep in the belly of the ocean set me
on my way to say the words I’m given to say
only ask you do not forever forget me
I want so much to set out on my voyage today

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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