Wednesday, July 09, 2008

317 : 2/21/99 : The Day That Wouldn’t Begin

Get up ah! Gotta get up slap that
clock down gotta go gotta hit the town
Gotta hustle gotta hit the hep cat
Market gotta sell while I get the shot ta
Oh slap the clock down rest my eyes
Gotta get up straightaway and a face my busy day
My whole life up to now such a surprise
Gotta get to the action get myself some satisfaction
Oh smoke another cigarette one more cup of coffee
Get my poor strength back gotta travel the breadth and length back
To get back to what I knew before the catastrophe
When I started saying no ‘cause I was too afraid to go
stub out my third smoke man gotta hit the shower
clean up my act and get my platters stacked
Gotta go gotta build that tower
Up into the sky to climb up and ask the heavens why
If I could just get up and start
The day that wouldn’t begin for nobody or nothing
Heaven help me help my heart
Lie here a second it’s harder than I reckoned

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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