Thursday, September 04, 2008

338 : 3/14/99 : Without Inspiration

Without the spirit in me what can I possibly do
without the breath to animate me
How can I speak of you
How can I make anything work
Without the vision I’m just another jerk
Jerking my time away on worthless words that profit not
Without inspiration, the work is dry without reward
So many live and die within without the two-edged sword
Is flying now without remorse
I take what comes to me of course
It’s all yours anyway I never claimed I own a single thing I’ve got
But I’ll show you that the work goes on
I’ll do it in a vacuum
I’ll do it all day long
I persist like radiation
I will nurture my uninspired creation
It’s a long road but I’m ready to go all the way down
So turn your back on me and go go go
I just do what I have to
It’s all I am and all I know
See me bent in fierce rebellion
to your silence such a hellion
If you haven’t got a smile for me I’ll take a frown

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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