Thursday, September 11, 2008

342 : 3/18/99 : Secret Agent

The drop of a hat and I’m out the door
Hitting the street in the bright morning sun
Doing business and something more
Maybe making a path for the chosen one
You take a rule and stack it on another rule
You got the little here and the little there
I slip under the wire and skip school
I pull my instructions right out of the air
I pull a trick or two I’m not afraid to rock the boat
If it’s the only way to make you notice the water
I’m a pamphleteer I’ve got sedition underneath my coat
It’s a good time for anarchistic leanings as the globe gets hotter
Hey secret agent man who are you working for
Who are the pamphlets for and what’s the reason
Behind that fucked up music that plays when you hit the killing floor
Don’t you know one of us arises every Easter season
Get up stand up rise up in the season of the new moon
take what little time you have before the pendulum swings
Here’s to rushing forward bravely, to winning once in a blue moon
You know it’s the truth by the way it stings

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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