Monday, September 15, 2008

343 : 3/19/99 : A Curse Upon

1,233 : 30 ?

A curse upon the business lords
who rule us from the sky
All those who live by all their swords
And never really seem to die
A curse upon the evil men
addicted to the evil that they do
And curse me for this worthless pen
that cannot even write its way to you

A curse upon the capitalists
Leading us all down the primrose path
Let me tell you it’s a small list
it comes down to when you do the math
A curse upon the three piece liars
Lurking in the shadows of the throne
Busy putting gas on all the fires
That they started with a telephone

A curse on every little man
Who ignores it just like me
When the race is run we ask who ran
And wonder why we don’t feel free
A curse upon me letting it get in the way
Between you and me and destiny and God
A curse on every servant baking bricks of clay
the path they’ve built for me is very very broad

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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