Monday, September 08, 2008

339 : 3/15/99 : The Big Sound

Tuck up to the teevee set and get ready for the big sound
No need to move a muscle we'll bring it straight around
No need to interact no need to say a word
Relax and let it flow in it's like nothing that you've ever heard
The operation starts with something you can't hear
Followed by a warm sensation centered on the ear
When you feel your spine relax you know that it's begun
This is the new taste for you for me for everyone
A feeling like a downward spiral's perfectly expected
A feeling like you've shamed yourself in front of those you most respected
A feeling like you're finally up against the wall
In the shadow of the big sound everyone feels small
When the bottom crashes out the peak is on its way
Your mind slides all around the room you feel the urge to pray
And at the top the dizzy height you finally understand
The big sound shows you visions of a life you never planned

While the beat is cooling and your mind is snapping back
And your same old reality and your mind on the same old track
Hey its just a teevee show and maybe just as well
These gentlemen behind us have some lovely things to sell

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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