Tuesday, July 06, 2010

818 : 7/6/00 : Punk (Karma Wheel)

If you run down a punk in Amarillo T-X
If you play football A and M will cash your checks
If a black man robs the wrong store at the wrong time
chances are they’ll burn him for another man’s crime
I wrote this song on behalf of Dustin Camp
I gave the Karma wheel a spin and locked down the clamp
what goes around comes around I promise it’s true
and one day it will come around for you
Hey punks listen while I sing you a tune
I saw the spirit of your friend howl at the moon
He gave me a message to pass along
He made me promise to deliver it in a punk song
His spirit is vital because you don’t forget
He said to make you promise to live without regret
He said true revenge none can halt or steal
When it’s carried out by the Karma wheel
If you want real justice you must make it spin
believe in his spirit and make your lives begin
don’t dwell on this bad world as bad as you feel
I promise I’m at work with the Karma wheel

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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