Sunday, September 22, 2013

2.872 : 9/22/07 : Tiny Genesis

Wanting to start too big to begin at the end without earning
Wanting to claim each lost notion instrumentalize all their returning
Grasping for some past emotion or moment transient state of mind
And waiting and waiting for call revelation some augury ought to unwind
Tiny genesis will you be sufficient
I’m not forthright constant or efficient
But I put the lines down in the end
And that is enough for you my friend
Not knowing the point or the purpose of still after all persisting
I can’t tell if I’ve got high standards or merely a thing for resisting
And if it all comes to another uncertain and slim masterpiece
Will I call it a day at ten times the price will it feel any more like release
Tiny genesis will you be definitive
Every dangling participle, split infinitive
Will I lose all the points on mechanics
or just drop the ball when the ego panics
I fear false beginnings are just as pernicious as contrived endings
I guess that somewhere in the middle is hidden the essential bendings
I guess That I guess all too often and what can I say it’s my nature
but it’s been a long time and for a long time I’ve lost faith in the great cure
tiny genesis everything’s always beginning
and if you find me here slack jawed and grinning
for once it’s not just a chemical spoke
Maybe for just a blink I felt in on the joke

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