Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2.874 : 9/24/07 : This Dull Morass

The axis is bigger than I had suspected
thoughts I thought long-buried
are now resurrected
When the days I’d spoken of are come to pass
will there remain a dim light
in this dull morass
The lesson should have taken twenty years ago
the holy present is the only
thing we know
but I just went ahead and chased the will-o-wisp
and justified my error
like a solipsist
I can’t believe I let another week slide by
I can’t believe I still believe
I’m not that guy
But then I am surprised to still be climbing
still trying to carve the thoughts out
and still rhyming
I’m trying to believe that you are with me always
I’m trying to worry not but that’s a
hard sell these days
The lunatics are running everything down here
A little help my Lord from my lips
to your ear

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