Monday, September 23, 2013

2.873 : 9/23/07 : Those Villains

3,065 : 12 ?

The currency was tanking
and still all the wonks were wanking
over how to spin the platter
of a thousand things that did not matter
I was trying to get off
all the steam I failed to let off
it was building to an evil head
here’s what those villains said
we must fight the moral battle
here’s the fence that you must straddle
please ignore diminishing returns
also the fact that fire burns
we’re only watching out for you
too simple to know what to do
so please hold these thoughts a while
and hand your papers over with a smile
with key indexes eroding
so much improvised exploding
I was dreaming like a blackguard
sneaking one across the long yard
just one sweet culture bait job
dressed up hurried and cut rate job
roll my score up yeah and get out
what a freedom whoop I’d let out
till I came back to my senses
saw my stupid rose-hued lenses
felt the sickness still inside
an hour left I better hide

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