Sunday, September 29, 2013

2.879 : 9/29/07 : Food Chain

Everything that stops will start again
It’s part of nature so take heart my friend
But everything that starts must stop
So eat drink and be merry
while you’re at the food chain’s top
They say we’re damaging the natural balance
Like an electron striving out of its valence
But if they’re right its evolution’s fuck up
There but for the grace of Darwin so buck up
But if it’s God then what the fuck man?
Was evil just a way to get unstuck then?
Some devil on my shoulder keeps insisting
You made up Lucifer just to keep things interesting
A real good theory is that nothing matters
The law of entropy says it all scatters
in the end till it’s drawn back into a tight hot point
creation nails you up to the universal joint
and blows its stack straight back again
ignore it, hold your breath & count to ten

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