Tuesday, April 08, 2008

269 : 1/4/99 : The Way You Came In

Do you think you’re going to back out of this the way you came in
Don’t you know transformation can only proceed from within
And the broad and easy way that brought you here will not suffice
We got no answers here we got no good advice
Do you think you’re gonna talk yourself out of the corner you talked yourself into
That paint’s still fresh and wet there’s nothing you can do
But wait on a message or a miracle from high above
This dirty worn out mortal coil that fits you like a glove
Don’t you know if you could see one thing beside yourself you’d know
You’d be a hero the man of the hour you’d have that special glow
And everyone who put you down and laughed at what you said
They’d be so sorry they missed their chance with you they’d wish that they were dead
Wake up and smell the burning effigy of your big talk
Ain’t a thing you believe that couldn’t get knocked down in one trip around the block
The paint is drying so slowly so dry your weary eyes
Dig your knuckles into the sockets till you see the stars of paradise
or just stand up and walk across this mess you made
The center will not hold and fate must be obeyed
Next time round you’ll learn from your mistakes to make all new ones
Take a break stand in wet paint your pain’s the same as anyone’s

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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