Sunday, April 13, 2008

272 : 1/7/99 : Mission, Vision, Goal

Send me strength for the Mission send me strength for the Goal
I don’t care what it takes fill my mouth with burning coal
Send it down in a Vision, Lord set my head on fire
Send me strength for what it takes to get under the wire
I see a wheel in the skies
I see a wing that’s full of eyes
I’ve said it once I’ve said it twice
I need strength now not advice
Push me under the water Lord, make me beg for air
I try so hard to live in this day I just want to get there
Pull me up with you when you go fly me up past the swill
I can’t get by with just myself with just an act of will
I saw the cheaply flashing screen
I’m sure that can’t be what you mean
The mission for the vision is the goal
The stone just needs a little angel push to roll

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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