Saturday, April 12, 2008

271 : 1/5/99 : Raise the Flag

If I could raise the flag of all I see and all I do
If I could put it on a stick and raise it up to you
If I could codify this undulating tapestry of life
I would be satisfied I would be content to consent to the knife
If I could make the rhymes that say all that I want to say
I would regain my equilibrium enough to live my life in one day
If I could raise the flag at least it would be a start
I’m sick of standing under your flag, I’m sick of my part
If I could make a right hand turn away from this dull prose
I would find at last the answer to the truths I pose
Paradox has stripped me of my virtue leaving only vice
And the impulse of the moment has mortgaged my existence to the dice
If I could get away from trying to understand
What is not mine to know I’d find a bird nestled in my hand
I would hold it gently ready for a gentle toss
that would baffle the giants into permitting me to cross
I can’t stand it anymore I’m done I’m done I’m done
I don’t have it I am nothing I am no one
I won’t let it push me push me push me anymore
Once trice thrice I’ll say it then I’m out the door
Raise your own damn flag and solve your own damn riddle
Pay the devil what he’s due it’s you that hired his fiddle
Don’t come to me to wrap you in a flag
I’m gonna crawl on in and zip up my own body bag

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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