Saturday, April 19, 2008

278 : 1/13/99 : Ray of Sun

I get crazy waiting for the moment to come
I get lazy and listen to the guitar strum
The same old rhythm the same old rhyme
I can’t live with ‘em and I can’t stop time
The same old scheme the same old voices
the same old theme and all the usual choices
so sick of my hackneyed verse I could cry
things could be worse but I’d still wonder why
I want so very much and get so very little
Such a little nonesuch to the last jot and dittle
I make my way like a good bee should
I wait for a ray of sun in a dark wood
Am I close to the edge or smug like a cat
Am I driving a wedge or blind as a bat
I don’t know my own face in the glass
I been put in my place but this too shall pass
All for a ray of sun I wait here standing
It could be me or anyone it’s not too demanding
But it holds me tight and breaks me down
waiting for a ray of light in this dirty town

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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