Thursday, April 24, 2008

282 : 1/17/99 : Jennifer’s Secret Bell

Jennifer wears a bell under her shirt close to her skin
The rings as she walks and rises and falls as her breath goes out and in
And I said Jennie why’d you put that string over your head
And slip that bell under your shirt this is what she said
You get a bell for your waking and rising
A bell to signal the next downsizing
of the significance of your life
Bell that tells you you’re next in line
Bells that ring if I take what is not mine
Bell ring get dinner from the oven like a good wife
Jennifer’s secret bell rings as she walks down the street
Music playin in cars but it has its own special beat
And it rings and rings and rings against her heart
She said I gotta ring my own bell if it makes the world fall apart
There’s a bell that rings when it’s time to talk to your friends
The bell tolls someone comes to a nasty end
Again again the bell calls you to take your place in the roll call
The bell rings so the plane has left the ground
I’ll get to the bottom of it but it’s a long way down
The bell tolls for me for you someday the bell will toll for us all
And there she goes shaking that bell that rings for all of us
It chimes for you on the corner as you’re waiting for the bus
And if we’d all just listen to that secret bell
There’s just no saying what it might tell

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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