Saturday, May 03, 2008

287 : 1/22/99 : The Honest Men

I’ve got my candle and my candle holder
Don’t know that I’m wiser but I sure am older
I’m out alone in the dark again
Searching for the honest men
I read about infighting in the business classes
I saw the fat cats sitting on their fat asses
I got questions by the bushel and pound
I need an honest man to lead me to the higher ground
I’ve got a feeling this has all been done before
Heard of one in Washington but justice doesn’t live there anymore
I’m getting tired but the night’s so long
How did we all turn out so wrong
Went to the cities and I went to the coasts
My sighing soul made strong petitions to the Lord of Hosts
Who said I’ll spare it all if you can just spare ten
That kept me searching for the honest men
Maybe I should give up moral absolutes
Focus on shoveling the shit into the chutes
All around I see reflections of my worst half
All around I see reflections off the golden calf

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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