Wednesday, May 07, 2008

291 : 1/26/98 : Dream

I dreamed I saw them dragging you into the pit of hell
Your were clawing at the sheets and screaming not to let them take you
But I knew I knew you must deserve it otherwise
They wouldn’t have been there for you isn’t that true
I saw the ground open wide and breathe out fire
I saw the cataclysmic chasm open wide
an angry mouth of wrath crumbling open
under our feet I dreamed the day I died
I dreamt I spent a month in hell sort of a vacation
from having to invent my own punishments
A month away from making up crazy stories
to short circuit my murderous bents
I dreamed I found a road that went the whole world round
And I traveled on it in a flaming wheel
I dreamed a city made of cobalt glass in 80 story spires
I dreamed I went around a thousand times begging what I could not steal
I wake up every day the same old dull fish that I am
swimming on the edges of the big school
Making our way from nowhere to nowhere
I dreamed a special hell reserved for all us little fish
You can only ever damn your own self in your dreams
All of us who swim along and do not seek another sea
Do not seek another scene or so it seems

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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