Monday, August 02, 2010

845 : 8/2/00 : French Connection

1,916 : 9 ?

I dreamed I was a driver on the French Connection
Running smack and guns for the insurrection
Fast money rough trade guns and blow
cops in my pocket and a truckload of dough
I was an enforcer in a factory
making human growth hormone and DMT
making methamphetamine and PCP
I couldn’t believe that motherfucker was me
dreamed I was a smuggler on the Ivory Coast
my eyes were glazed and glossy and my mind was toast
making midnight runs in a cigarette boat
golden chains at my wrists and throat
dreamed I was the kingpin of a mighty ring
pushing something that was worse than anything
Something dark and deadly but I didn’t care
I looked into the mirror there was no one there
I dreamed that filthy lucre was my only kick
mercenary merciless unmitigated prick
when the dream was over and when I awoke
I was very happy to be clean and broke

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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