Saturday, August 04, 2012

2.458 : 8/4/06 : The Oracles

The oracles are dicking me around
telling me all kinds of crazy contradictory smack
and while I’m all distracted by the fury and the sound
the future unfolds on its own behind my back
I threw the yarrow stalks I cooked the turtle shell
I cast stones and bones and runes all morning long
Newspaper horoscopes said something about going through hell
The Book said the heart was wicked but I think it was wrong
I guess I can’t expect any help from behind the veil
that shit tore once it’s all mixed together now
and if I’m destined to do some time in the belly of the whale
I’m not asking you to justify why just tell me how
Still it’s hard to resist running the old gimmicks
Staring at the tea leaves flexing the old wish bone
And still I gotta wish you’d teach this dog some new tricks
It’s the 21st century couldn’t you call me on the phone

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