Saturday, August 25, 2012

2.479 : 8/25/06 : Discipline

Rise to rock the boat again
declare an agenda fueled by discipline
mark a mark as black as ink
it’s harder harder than you think
try to learn all the phenomena
try to craft the cure for the common blah
discipline without obedience
trying to get the master to smack me off the fence
trying to get as hard as iron
trying to prove this time it’s my turn
I rise to meet a challenge bold
to end the day another story told
trying to start the honest fire
drag you all into my quagmire
I could run for hours like this
can’t believe there’s much I’d miss
but even for the disciplined
the planet plowed its track and spinned
the time to rest must come at last
another day given to the past
save discipline for another day
another word another game to play

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