Friday, August 17, 2012

progress report

Been a while since the last graphical assessment.  I'm on the 15th notebook of series two and currently the backlog transcribing is close to wrapping up number 5.  "And miles to go before I sleep".  Until I close the gap it's all just sitting there, being a discreet collection of unique and basically irreplaceable objects in space, which worries me but it gets done when it gets done: transcription occurs on my dime, naturally.

When it's time to transcribe today's song I always tediously end up searching 2-15 and then have to wait a minute for the Mac to figure out that I'm not asking it to do a calculation for me but actually looking for a word processing file.  Open there at the top of the stack is its physical avatar that now usually just slightly predates its multiply-backed-up digital ascension.  According to current statistics a song occupies on average a little under 2K of memory.  Comparable to the amount of RAM in the Apollo Guidance Computer, or so I am led to believe through extremely cursory research.  I could cut this down a lot if I just saved them as plain text, which would be just fine as there is no formatting in the transcription.  And so it goes.  Push On, Andromachene.

(all fifteen are visible in the stack if you count carefully)

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