Saturday, August 18, 2012

2.472 : 8/18/06 : The Waters of Styx (The Seven Labors of Psyche 5)

The waters of Lethe make you forget
The waters of Lourdes heal the faithful
But the waters of Styx and Cocytus
Can destroy you if you are not careful
The gap where the deep fall descends
surmountable to no man
plummets to the trackless depth
deep within a fearsome chasm
And Psyche plunges into despair
so see the task impossible
and bitterly decried the fate
that set her to the path implausible
but the great eagle came to her
carried on the crafty Zephyr
another friend unlooked for
on the wings of chance and weather
old Aphrodite gnashed her teeth
at all her plans unravelling
but set her mind and so contrived
poor Psyche’s cruelest traveling

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