Thursday, January 31, 2008

allow me to re-introduce myself

Note March 26, 2010: The information below is no longer current. Watch my main page for current announcements on available recordings

Rebroadcast of the songs of days first project circa 1998 has been interrupted for the Fever'd! Announcement!! Of!!!

Only the Very Greatest Hits, a collection of my favorite recordings of my original music from the last 10 years, available for sale as a digital download. You can preview the whole album here, and here's a sample:

-=sample not available=-

Released in honor of the writing of the 2,000th song of the day project song, like a week ago. Only $1.35 for 29 MP3 tracks plus art and lyrics: it's a statement about overpricing in the digital marketplace! It's a fashion statement that will single you out as one of the new desiderati overclass!! It's nothing short of the bootstrap gospel! Why not buy it during the present?!
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