Monday, September 06, 2010

880 : 9/6/00 : The Money (Faustus 6/26)

1,951 : 3 ?

It’s all about the money, scratch
ounce for ounce and batch for batch
filthy lucre silver gold
I got to be ruthless and cold
I’m all about the money, juice
dimes for dollars or an ace from a deuce
expedience my only moral
no time to get sentimental or rest on my laurels
Money is a shiny trap
Get caught in the illusion you’ll taste the strap
easy to get pulled into the game
forget your real treasure’s name
I’m all about the money true
but it’s not for the money I do what I do
my higher purpose is to set myself free
escape from the lion the devil has on me

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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