Saturday, October 08, 2011

2.157 : 10/7/05 : Spheres of Influence

Karma dogma health and reason
energy entropy signs and seasons
drugs and doldrums books and pieces
bits and dottles in the interstices
show me the spheres of influence
show me a man of consequence
one that I may emulate
And aspire to a higher fate
Words and writing songs and singing
what then in my hand I’m bringing
laws and science sacred knowledge
sure as hell didn’t pick up much in college
Take me to a practical nirvana
Feed me full on holy mana
That I might keep up my wandering
Forty years of moping maundering
clocks and time and ducks and rows
maybe I figured it out once who knows
Always seeking revelation
Maybe I’m tuned into the wrong station
Maybe I just need to relax
lighten up accept the facts
And roll with just the here and now
wrap things up and sell the cow

What is the song of the day?
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