Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching Up

And that wraps it up for A Song A Day Volume 2.1 also known as Log Book. Tomorrow we'll kick off Volume 2.2: The Catch Up. As a note of interest it was during this period that I became, for the first time, profoundly behind in the writing - close to the breaking point behind, mired in a backlog of unwritten songs that put the whole concept that I was actually engaged in writing "a song a day" into significant crisis. I recall that I had seriously (and fairly typically, I gather from anecdotal reports) underestimated the demands of stay-at-home parenting, as well that I was engaged in some ultimately not-very-successful experiments in DIY digital self-publishing for money and my whole relationship with writing and creativity in general was very rocky and ambivalent. I wasn't tracking continuity at the time so I don't know how far I really got behind, I think it was somewhere from one to two months, and that it took me the better part of half a year to get back on track. I never get more than a couple days behind these days.

What is the song of the day?
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